Sunday, 11 December 2016

My Top 10 Christmas Films

Happy December! Congrats on making it through the dreary post-summer bleakness of September & the surprisingly arctic October & November. To be honest, Christmas for me began as soon as we took down the Halloween decorations, but i've been modestly holding back my festive excitement until December broke... Well, sort of. I am writing this November 31st!
Needless to say, I love Christmas and there's little I love more than a Friday night in with my mam, a box of celebrations (or heroes but NEVER quality street) and an Xmas classic. 
Here are some of my faves (in no particular order).

1) Love Actually
I actually (haha) only watched this for the first time last Xmas day after my mam slated it for being boring and I LOVED IT. It's a romantic, heart warming, laugh out loud funny Christmas spectacular, one of those films that would be decent anyway but is twice as good because is set at CHRISTMAS! It's British which I like as it feels more down to earth and real, and has an insane star studded cast. Like really. Not joking. I'm rubbish with celebrities but every 2 second you find yourself going 'OMG I love him, what was he in?'... We're talking Bill Nighy, Kiera Nightly, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, Martin Freeman, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Rowan Atkinson, Joanna Page, the adorable little boy from Nanny Mcphee, Tiffany off Eastenders and SO many more.

2) The Santa Clause
I first watching this about 7 years ago in school and it is sooo good. I haven't heard too much about this film from other people, but I just love it (even if it does have 2 pretty shite sequels)! 
It follows Tim Allen as a pretty useless dad who, when looking after his adorbs son Charlie one Christmas Eve, accidentally scares Santa who in turn falls of their roof and... Dies? Wow. This film is a lot darker than I remember...
It's actually really funny and super Christmassy. Tim Allen has to then BE Santa Claus to replace the guy he sort of accidentally killed. The plot sounds lame and i'm normally not a fan of any film that messes with the traditional idealism of how Santa does his thing by making it too modern but it's actually so good an I highly recommend it to anyone.

3) White Christmas
We're into the classics now. If you're in the market for something a bit more old fashioned than this is IT. Don't be put off by it being a bit older though, this 1954 classic features original king of Xmas. Bing Crosby and his mates singing it up in an inn in Vermont. It's romantic and has a classic soundtrack that will really get you into the Christmas spirit. It features 2 American, world war 2 soldiers and 2 performing sisters and a coincidentally shared Christmas. Brilliant and heart warming.

4) Miracle on 34th Street
Now, when I say Miracle on 34th Street, I mean the 1947 ORIGINAL, not the crappy 90's remake, DO NOT BE FOOLED. This may be up there as one of my faves. This magical classic takes place in New York and was clearly the modern Christmas tale of the time as it features a man working as Santa Clause in a Macy's department store, only to claim that he is in fact father Christmas himself. The tale follows him his relationship with event director of Macy's, Doris (NOT romantic relationship, it's not that kind of film) and her young daughter Susan who doesn't believe in Santa. This really is so heart warming and it's amazing despite being in black and white. PLEASE don't judge the film based on that because you soon forget and it becomes one of the greatest Xmas films you've ever seen. Absolutely magical yet somehow totally radical.

5) Nativity!
Featuring the lovely Martin Freeman, Nativity! is what i'd describe as warm and cozy. If you went to primary school in 90's or 00's in the UK, this film will 100% give you complete nostalgia. The decorated classrooms, the groups of friends and the indescribable excitement about a primary school nativity show will all come whizzing back to you, and the slightly ridiculous plot will seem a distant memory. It's funny and light hearted. Love it.
Warning: the sequel's only saving grace is David Tennant, but the follow sequels really are a shower of shit, like not joking so just leave it at the one film.

6) The Holiday
Another romantic escapism, this film jumps you to and from LA and Surrey at Christmas Time. Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz - she's actually okay in this) are both heart broken about a week before Christmas and, needing a getaway, do a house swap over the festive period. You get a strange yet marvellous concoction of American cliché and British love story, giving women the power to say FUCK OFF to the same bastards that have treated us so badly all year, and HELLO to our new lives waiting on the other side of the world. It's cliché but its cute, and is again v funny.

7) Home Alone
Surely everyone's seen this one, right? Meet Kevin. Drowned under a massive family of dickheads, all this little boy wants is a Christmas to himself. So, when the whole family are running late and rush off to their flight on Xmas day, Kevin is left home alone. It's a slapstick comedy to die for and full of Christmas cheer, and guess what... The sequel's actually really decent! Unheard of.

8) Elf
Another one everyone must have seen! Will Ferrell brings a funny, modern Christmas film set in a department store (sound familiar?). Actually, the film is covered with Miracle on 34th Street references, but that's by the by. This is actually an amazing film and I'm pretty sure is the highest grossing Xmas film of all time. Probably hated by hipsters because it's overplayed so much on TV, Elf brings a heart warming, American story of a human elf seeking his Dad in New York and finding love along the way. I've never been the biggest Will Ferrell fan (don't hate him, just don't love him) but he does this film proud and for some reason is another movie that just gives me total nostalgia. 

9) Arthur Christmas
This is another fairly new addition; I think I watched this 2 years ago. I wasn't expecting much, but I actually really like it! It's an animation about the whole Clause family, including hapless and useless grandson Arthur and how he proves himself one Christmas. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it seeing as it is one of those more modern Xmas films that's trying to bring Christmas eve into the 21st century with big spaceships and stuff. Despite all that, it's really enjoyable and describes the whole Santa, Christmas eve process in a way that I for sure would have thought about as I was trying to sleep if it had been around when I was a youngster. Good one for kids, but defo wouldn't rule it out for an adult. 

10) The Muppet Christmas Carol
Okay, so I think this might be my fave Christmas film of all time! I'm not going to go into the story of A Christmas Carol because we've all heard and been bored ridged with a million times after remake after remake, but this film is brilliant. Half humans, half muppets, the cast perform out the story alongside some absolute belters of songs. I don't mind the premise of the original story, but the Muppets bring a subtle comedy factor through 2 muppet storytellers the whole way through and, in my opinion, my the story better! I can't even count how many times i've seen it, all I know is when I first watched it as a 10 year old, I was pretty mesmerised. Again, the 'running over Christmas eve' style of the story gives me excited Xmas jitters, and the movie feels just as magical as the first time I ever saw it. I truly love this film, and I urge ANYONE to see it who hasn't already.

So, those are my absolute, bestest, most favourite Christmas films of all time. I hope this has inspired someone to try something new or relive an old classic. 


Sunday, 13 November 2016

A letter to me, in a year

Dear Me,
Hi. How’s it going. So you’re 18 now. An adult. Oh dear… You’ve always been a procrastinator, but I hope more than anything at over the past year you actually got you shit together enough to pass your exams and go to university, Manchester ideally. Anyway, if you’re not reading this from your uni halls, WHAT HAPPENED?!
I hope you still talk to your friends and family often and see them as much as possible. I hope you’re proud of everything you’ve achieved over the last year and have got some sort of a functional romantic life together (probably not but I’m aiming high here)…
I hope you have few regrets and are just, HAPPY. I want more than anything for you to be happy. What’s you brother up to as well? Atm he has plans to next year possibly move home and do an access course. Did he make it? What about Heather?
Not much else really, just don’t give up and don’t dwell on the negatives.
Oh, btw Donald Trump has been elected this past week and was truly devastating. I hope he hasn’t been a total dick by the time you read this. Is he even still alive?

Yours truly, you.


Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Everyone's been there. You're lacking any kind of motivation or inspiration to stick to something you REALLY want to achieve. Often, someone will tell you that if you lack motivation to do something you simply don't want it badly enough. True, if you want it badly you have to be prepared to put the work in to get there, however everyone needs reminders along the way that all the slogging will be worth it in the end. For me, the aim is university.
I am currently studying my A levels and am notorious for leaving any kind of revision till the last minute, which really isn't an option for me any more given my aspirational grades. So, whatever you're working towards, here are some of my fave quotes i've found over my time trekking through pinterest (incidentally probably when I should have been revising!) that have helped me remember that all the boring study hours will only ever help me get closer to my dream. I hope they can also be of use to you.


Sunday, 2 October 2016

Current Favourites - 2/10/16

Hi! It's been a while... Here are my new faves and stuff I've been generally loving, enjoy!

Estée lauder double wear concealer
I ‘borrowed’ my friends one of these on holiday and loved it! It has incredible coverage, is long lasting and has a yellow undertone that matches my skin tone well. It’s lightweight and, although a little pricey, sits really nicely on the skin.

Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge
I bought this a couple of months back, following the massive hype around beauty blenders, and adore it! I use it primarily to blend in concealer but it just seems to do it really well without leaving it streaky or buffing it away. I also want to try spraying it with a bit of MAC Fix + and using it for foundation which works well for dry skin apparently. Alas though, I dropped it in my room at some point and I’m pretty sure it landed in the bin because I cannot find it anywhere. I’ll have to invest in another one.

Essie nail polish – In Stiches
I don’t have too much to say about this one to be honest! I love essie polish, its glossy, dries quickly and long lasting, not to mention its array of colours including this one which is a complete holy grail for me right now. It’s a lovely dark, pinkish, slightly browney nude that seems to go with everything and really complements my skin tone. LOVE!

Podcast: Serial series 1
On a slightly stranger note, I was on holiday last in Ireland month with my mum, brother, friend and sister in law. My step-mum had recommended us this free to download podcast and we decided it listen to it in the car as it was a very drivey holiday. I never listen to podcasts but am pretty in love with audiobooks and that’s pretty much what it was. It was honestly one of the most gripping and amazing stories ever! It follows an investigative journalist in America looking into a 1999 murder case of which someone was convicted and has since been in jail. However, as she begins to study the case, many twists and turns make it almost impossible to crack and the fact that it’s real just makes it all the more exciting! I have never been so transfixed. I would constantly lie awake and think about it, try and figure it out ; I became pretty obsessed!
I don’t want to give too much away but it really is brilliant. I would recommend it to everyone and anyone, especially anyone a fan of making a murderer and shows like that. Just download it!

Harry Potter film series
I’ve always loved HP, as have my family, but my brother had forgotten most of what had happened and conjured up the idea that we spend 2 weeks watching them all through. It also happened to be his last week at home with us as he moved out the day after we watched the last film. It was a really nice family thing to do together and also reminded me how much I love the films. Warning: watching them back to back is weird! Becomes rather emosh to watch them grow up if, like me, you grew up with the actors and with the film series. If you’ve somehow got through life never seeing any HP, I highly recommend it. Its brill.

Troye Sivan – Blue Neighbourhood
I rarely get obsessed with a particular artist/album, but Troye has to be an exception. This isn’t a new favourite, I’ve been listening to his album for months now and am frankly shocked I haven’t mentioned him already. I first discovered him on Youtube. I love his videos and when he released his first EP, I have to be honest I wasn’t too bothered. However, I LOVED and still love the BN debut track Wild and it drew me to listen to the whole album… LOVE IT. I have it saved as offline on spotify. That says it all. I particularly recommend Wild (of course), but also Heaven, Ease and For Him. It’s so goooood just give it a listen.

Whittard hot chocolate
Basically just the nicest hot chocolate! I’m really not into the watery, instant shit so when I discovered this I was loving life. Its creamy, smooth and comes in loads of different flavours: white, dark, salted caramel and (my personal fave) mint. I like coffee but don’t like to overload my system with too much caffeine and so a hot chocy on a cold autumn evening is lush.

Natalia Taylor
I’ve found a new Youtuber I love! Her name is Natalia and I think we might just be soul sisters. One of her videos got really popular recently and she popped up on my recommended page. She’s a part time model and mostly makes “story time” videos that I just love. I really identify with her humour and I look forward to watching her videos at the end of the day.

That’s all this week


Sunday, 14 August 2016

My Perfume Collection 2016

Since I was little, I've always taken a shining to perfume, and regularly stole a few sprays of my mum's "Eau d'Issey" now and then (unbeknownst to her). I have since tried lots of different scents and fallen in love with many which I wanted to talk you through. I much prefer wearing perfumes and eau de toilettes to body sprays as they feel much more signature and are often more long lasting. 
DISCLAIMER: I am proper, totally crap at describing scents so all I can suggest is you go and give these a smell for yourself!

Estée Lauder - Beyond Paradise
This was my first ever perfume and to this day is sat sour and dusty on my shelf. Although I don't use it any more (due to its well overdue expiry date), I cannot bring myself to throw the bottle away because of its sentimentality. My mum bought it for me in an airport before our family holiday many years ago, and it's safe to say my dad was pretty annoyed!
The faint lingers of the scent remaining reminds me of exactly why I loved it in the first place - it's aquatic, light and fresh, a perfect summer holiday scent. The bottle has had a redesign, but it is still available on the website.
Brand description: Blue Hyacinth and Orange Flower Templar blend with Laelia Orchid and Crepe Jasmin, warmed with Zebrano Wood

Calvin Klein - Euphoria
This is one of my more wintery scents. It is still a very fresh scent, but I was given it for Christmas and have since associated the smell with that time of year. It is just a very lovely clean scent - light and sophisticated but also slightly woody.
Brand description: The beautiful fragrance starts off with pomegranate, persimmon, and a lovely lush green accord. The heart then blends into a sensual lotus blossom, black orchid which then finishes off with amber, violet, cream and woods.

DKNY - Red Delicious 
Another I was given for Christmas and thus associate with winter! As you are probably starting to tell, fresh and fruity scents are right up my street, and this Eau de Parfum's signature note is apple. Again a nice wintry, fresh scents with sweeter notes.
Brand description: This fragrance is daring crisp and sensual. Top notes of champagne accord, exotic lychee, red raspberry and crisp apple. Middle notes of violet petals, vanilla bean, patchouli and amber. Base notes of raspberry for a kiss of sweetness. 

Lush - Karma
This is my one and only solid perfume which I like as it pretty much allows you to pack on as much scent as you like. The perfume is packed into a small tin and packs a bit of a punch for hot, blissful summer evenings. Karma is without doubt my favourite scent throughout all Lush products, and my friend, knowing this, bought me this perfume for Christmas (I get a lot of perfume for Christmas!). Although I received it in the winter, this for me is defiantly and spring/summer scent. It's super warm, woody, smokey and citrusy ; the overwhelming feel you get from this is that its very hippy dippy and essential oils based. It's just SO GORGEOUS.
Brand description: Recalling London in the 1960's, clouds of patchouli mingle with uplifting sweet orange and cleansing pine. 

Mac - Turquatic (not photographed - apologies! It's lost someone deep in one of my bags)
I first purchased this last summer and as Zoella's favourite perfume, how could I not try it! This is so beautiful, so aquatic and fresh, it's insane. Mac have had this as their one and only perfume for ages and i'm pretty sure removed it from the collection for a couple of years, but brought it back. It is very summery and holiday perfect, falling in a similar category to the Estée Lauder one. At the moment I only have a trickle in the bottle of the 10ml roll on bottle, but am sure I shall be re-purchasing it before my summer holiday.
Brand description: Featuring anemone, lotus, orris and Corsican blue cedar

Serge Lutens - Un Bois Vanille
Unlike most of my other perfumes, Un Bois Vanilla is strong, woody warm and sweet. Before last Autumn, Serge Lutens wasn't really a brand I had experienced much of, in fact I'd never heard of it. But my Aunt had come to stay and, being a bit of a perfume expert, wanted to take me and my Mum out to all the big department stores and try all the perfumes. I sprayed this early afternoon, not expecting much. However, as the day progressed, so did the perfume. The warm, wintry layers unfolded and filled my surroundings. It also is also probably my most long- lasting perfume. I also think it would make a beautiful summer evening scent as it is so warm and sweet.
Brand description: To paraphrase Freud, it's not the evil who are full of regrets, but the good. Both the devil and vanilla like black. 
...Cheers Serge Lutens, great description there.

Jo Malone - Blackberry & Bay
Of all my perfumes, I would say this is my most signature scent. I discovered it a couple of years ago when I had heard Tanya Burr talking about it. I went into Selfridges, gave it a spritz and fell in love. It is light, fresh and fruity (quel surprise). Although it isn't very strong and the scent doesn't linger, it's just so beautiful and a scent unlike any other perfume I've ever tried. I think my love for it might be a throwback to when I was little and used to blackberry pick with my brother in the passage running down outside the bottom of our garden. If you've never tried any Jo Malone at all, I really recommend popping in and having a spray. I would say it is slightly wintry, but basically an all year round scent.
Brand description: Childhood memories of blackberry picking...A burst of deep, tart blackberry juice, blending with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods. Vibrant and verdant.


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Current Favourites - 5/4/16

Hello all!
It feels like i've been away far too long. I have actually written a blog post this year but I decided to remove it because it was SUPER depressing and rambley and didn't really fit with what I wanted this blog to be to me. Since then I think that i have become a bit scared off from blogging, but no more! 
I wanted to start this new year off again with a current favourites. I considered turning this into a monthly favourites but panicked because 1) COMMITMENT? WHAT? NO, NO! and 2) I can't really remember when I started using/loving different products so I thought I would just throw in anything i'm currently loving! Yes, it is a new year but this blog is still going to remain the lovely mess it began out as. Side note, I have actually already managed to drop and smash my beautiful new iPhone 6s this year... welcome back!

Too Faced - Better than sex mascara
I bought this a while ago when my beloved Benefit Roller Lash dried up, and was a little skeptical at first as amongst all the raving reviews ; I had heard a few warning that those who prefer a natural look may not like it as much. I tend to really dislike any mascara that could be at all clumpy or stick my lashes together but holy moly do I love this stuff! It is very thickening, but in a good way! It makes my lashes look fuller and more voluminous. You can slap on one coat for a more fluttery look, or layer it up for fuller, sexier lashes. I also really like the applicator. its a sort of hourglass wand of full bristles which I do tend to prefer to plastic applicators. It doesn't dry up quickly at all either and has beautiful packaging (not important but warms my soul and makes me love it even more)! Definitely a holy-grail product.

MAC lipstick - Velvet Teddy (matte)
I love the formulation of all mac lipsticks, especially the matte ones as they're not too drying and last really well. I wanted this lipstick for a while and was to-ing and throw-ing between this and Jubilee which i'd once swatched and loved. 
I was a little nervous that this as a nude would majorly wash me out as I naturally have darker lips, however I have now fallen in love with this shade. I wear it into college lightly pushed into my lips with a super simple, natural eye or of an evening when I want a sexy nude with a more bright, smokey eye. I really want to get hold of their Spice lip liner as that's what Kylie Jenner wears with this (and let's be real, lip goals!) but I don't as yet wear anything with it apart from a bit of blotted lip balm underneath to stop my lips going totally flakes-ville.

Khiel's creamy eye treatment with avocado
I've always naturally suffered from really dry skin, but only recently developed drier skin under my eyes. I saw Zoella mention that she went through a really dry period under her eyes and this helped combat it so I gave it a go and love it! I used it once or twice a day and it kept my under eyes very hydrated. You pop it on and as you blend it in, it almost melts a little into more of a cream/oil before sinking in. My concealer sits SO much better under my eyes now and if i'd forgotten to use it for a week or so I really noticed the difference. I am however still on the hunt for an eye cream to make a noticeable difference to my dark circles as I am yet to find one that does so if you have any suggestions please leave them below!

Fleur De Force lashes by Eylure - Fleur Loves
I am growing more and more fond of false lashes. I never used to wear them and i'm still properly crap at applying them, but I think they really glam up a look. I love Eylure lashes anyway ; they don't easily lose their shape and a reusable which is great when you're on a budget! I've really been enjoying these lashes specifically because they're 3/4 length so are much easier to apply. They also wing out slightly which I think is super pretty and complements my eye shape. Thanks Fleur for the beautiful lashes!

Khiel's Creme de Corps
I am SO lazy when it comes to body moisturising. Like actually. It's a problem, especially seeing as I suffer from really dry skin! I thought i'd invest in i slightly more high end body lotion, and i'm so glad I did! It sinks in super quickly so you don't end up all sticky for ages, and is pretty much scentless so don't worry about it clashing with your perfume. However, BE WARNED! I bought the little 75ml bottle to try out for £8.50 but it's so difficult to get the product out of! It's such a brill. product though so if I were you I would take the plunge and buy one of the hench, pump bottles.

So those are my favourites right now! I'm sorry for rambley post but I was just looking forward to blogging again! I'm hoping to keep this up now and I have a few different posts planned for over the next few months.