Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Current Favourites - 5/4/16

Hello all!
It feels like i've been away far too long. I have actually written a blog post this year but I decided to remove it because it was SUPER depressing and rambley and didn't really fit with what I wanted this blog to be to me. Since then I think that i have become a bit scared off from blogging, but no more! 
I wanted to start this new year off again with a current favourites. I considered turning this into a monthly favourites but panicked because 1) COMMITMENT? WHAT? NO, NO! and 2) I can't really remember when I started using/loving different products so I thought I would just throw in anything i'm currently loving! Yes, it is a new year but this blog is still going to remain the lovely mess it began out as. Side note, I have actually already managed to drop and smash my beautiful new iPhone 6s this year... welcome back!

Too Faced - Better than sex mascara
I bought this a while ago when my beloved Benefit Roller Lash dried up, and was a little skeptical at first as amongst all the raving reviews ; I had heard a few warning that those who prefer a natural look may not like it as much. I tend to really dislike any mascara that could be at all clumpy or stick my lashes together but holy moly do I love this stuff! It is very thickening, but in a good way! It makes my lashes look fuller and more voluminous. You can slap on one coat for a more fluttery look, or layer it up for fuller, sexier lashes. I also really like the applicator. its a sort of hourglass wand of full bristles which I do tend to prefer to plastic applicators. It doesn't dry up quickly at all either and has beautiful packaging (not important but warms my soul and makes me love it even more)! Definitely a holy-grail product.

MAC lipstick - Velvet Teddy (matte)
I love the formulation of all mac lipsticks, especially the matte ones as they're not too drying and last really well. I wanted this lipstick for a while and was to-ing and throw-ing between this and Jubilee which i'd once swatched and loved. 
I was a little nervous that this as a nude would majorly wash me out as I naturally have darker lips, however I have now fallen in love with this shade. I wear it into college lightly pushed into my lips with a super simple, natural eye or of an evening when I want a sexy nude with a more bright, smokey eye. I really want to get hold of their Spice lip liner as that's what Kylie Jenner wears with this (and let's be real, lip goals!) but I don't as yet wear anything with it apart from a bit of blotted lip balm underneath to stop my lips going totally flakes-ville.

Khiel's creamy eye treatment with avocado
I've always naturally suffered from really dry skin, but only recently developed drier skin under my eyes. I saw Zoella mention that she went through a really dry period under her eyes and this helped combat it so I gave it a go and love it! I used it once or twice a day and it kept my under eyes very hydrated. You pop it on and as you blend it in, it almost melts a little into more of a cream/oil before sinking in. My concealer sits SO much better under my eyes now and if i'd forgotten to use it for a week or so I really noticed the difference. I am however still on the hunt for an eye cream to make a noticeable difference to my dark circles as I am yet to find one that does so if you have any suggestions please leave them below!

Fleur De Force lashes by Eylure - Fleur Loves
I am growing more and more fond of false lashes. I never used to wear them and i'm still properly crap at applying them, but I think they really glam up a look. I love Eylure lashes anyway ; they don't easily lose their shape and a reusable which is great when you're on a budget! I've really been enjoying these lashes specifically because they're 3/4 length so are much easier to apply. They also wing out slightly which I think is super pretty and complements my eye shape. Thanks Fleur for the beautiful lashes!

Khiel's Creme de Corps
I am SO lazy when it comes to body moisturising. Like actually. It's a problem, especially seeing as I suffer from really dry skin! I thought i'd invest in i slightly more high end body lotion, and i'm so glad I did! It sinks in super quickly so you don't end up all sticky for ages, and is pretty much scentless so don't worry about it clashing with your perfume. However, BE WARNED! I bought the little 75ml bottle to try out for £8.50 but it's so difficult to get the product out of! It's such a brill. product though so if I were you I would take the plunge and buy one of the hench, pump bottles.

So those are my favourites right now! I'm sorry for rambley post but I was just looking forward to blogging again! I'm hoping to keep this up now and I have a few different posts planned for over the next few months.