Sunday, 2 October 2016

Current Favourites - 2/10/16

Hi! It's been a while... Here are my new faves and stuff I've been generally loving, enjoy!

Estée lauder double wear concealer
I ‘borrowed’ my friends one of these on holiday and loved it! It has incredible coverage, is long lasting and has a yellow undertone that matches my skin tone well. It’s lightweight and, although a little pricey, sits really nicely on the skin.

Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge
I bought this a couple of months back, following the massive hype around beauty blenders, and adore it! I use it primarily to blend in concealer but it just seems to do it really well without leaving it streaky or buffing it away. I also want to try spraying it with a bit of MAC Fix + and using it for foundation which works well for dry skin apparently. Alas though, I dropped it in my room at some point and I’m pretty sure it landed in the bin because I cannot find it anywhere. I’ll have to invest in another one.

Essie nail polish – In Stiches
I don’t have too much to say about this one to be honest! I love essie polish, its glossy, dries quickly and long lasting, not to mention its array of colours including this one which is a complete holy grail for me right now. It’s a lovely dark, pinkish, slightly browney nude that seems to go with everything and really complements my skin tone. LOVE!

Podcast: Serial series 1
On a slightly stranger note, I was on holiday last in Ireland month with my mum, brother, friend and sister in law. My step-mum had recommended us this free to download podcast and we decided it listen to it in the car as it was a very drivey holiday. I never listen to podcasts but am pretty in love with audiobooks and that’s pretty much what it was. It was honestly one of the most gripping and amazing stories ever! It follows an investigative journalist in America looking into a 1999 murder case of which someone was convicted and has since been in jail. However, as she begins to study the case, many twists and turns make it almost impossible to crack and the fact that it’s real just makes it all the more exciting! I have never been so transfixed. I would constantly lie awake and think about it, try and figure it out ; I became pretty obsessed!
I don’t want to give too much away but it really is brilliant. I would recommend it to everyone and anyone, especially anyone a fan of making a murderer and shows like that. Just download it!

Harry Potter film series
I’ve always loved HP, as have my family, but my brother had forgotten most of what had happened and conjured up the idea that we spend 2 weeks watching them all through. It also happened to be his last week at home with us as he moved out the day after we watched the last film. It was a really nice family thing to do together and also reminded me how much I love the films. Warning: watching them back to back is weird! Becomes rather emosh to watch them grow up if, like me, you grew up with the actors and with the film series. If you’ve somehow got through life never seeing any HP, I highly recommend it. Its brill.

Troye Sivan – Blue Neighbourhood
I rarely get obsessed with a particular artist/album, but Troye has to be an exception. This isn’t a new favourite, I’ve been listening to his album for months now and am frankly shocked I haven’t mentioned him already. I first discovered him on Youtube. I love his videos and when he released his first EP, I have to be honest I wasn’t too bothered. However, I LOVED and still love the BN debut track Wild and it drew me to listen to the whole album… LOVE IT. I have it saved as offline on spotify. That says it all. I particularly recommend Wild (of course), but also Heaven, Ease and For Him. It’s so goooood just give it a listen.

Whittard hot chocolate
Basically just the nicest hot chocolate! I’m really not into the watery, instant shit so when I discovered this I was loving life. Its creamy, smooth and comes in loads of different flavours: white, dark, salted caramel and (my personal fave) mint. I like coffee but don’t like to overload my system with too much caffeine and so a hot chocy on a cold autumn evening is lush.

Natalia Taylor
I’ve found a new Youtuber I love! Her name is Natalia and I think we might just be soul sisters. One of her videos got really popular recently and she popped up on my recommended page. She’s a part time model and mostly makes “story time” videos that I just love. I really identify with her humour and I look forward to watching her videos at the end of the day.

That’s all this week