Saturday, 11 February 2017

Comfort zones

I love my comfort zones and rarely stray out of them. They're my security and I know exactly how I will feel by staying in them... so I often do! Most of all though, they aid me to keep control.
One of my biggest faults has to be my control freak nature. Everything has to be according to how I want it and I don't cope too well in situations I have little control over. I waver constantly over whether this is a positive or negative trait of mine, but to be honest it's becoming harder and harder to maintain.
Having to admit that there are some things (some big, important things) that are completely beyond my control is very very difficult for me. Shit will happen though and there are always going to be situations of which I have no previous experience of and i'm having to start to accept that. Overall, as much as I love to stay in my comfort zones, standing still drives me mad and this year i'm really working on learning to jump in allow myself to grow. I had someone recently comment on how fucked up my need to have control is, and it sort of shone a light on it for me. I am having to learn that no one gets very far by staying comfortable. There are so many things I want to accomplish this year and i'm really hoping that, in the end, my desperation to make them happen with outweigh my fear of allowing myself to be happy outside of my comfort zones.
Sorry this is a bit rambly and irrelevant! Anyone else feel my struggle? Anyone have any tips on letting go? Let me know!
I'm going to try and just post about anything and everything that crosses my mind this year but also hope to write some proper, decent posts so stay tuned.