Sunday, 26 July 2015

ASOS Palaver (customer service review)

So, everyone uses and loves ASOS (including me) but i have never been in a situation in which I have had to deal with their customer service until recently, so I thought I would write about my experience for anyone wanting to know a little more about how they deal with something when your delivery goes pear shaped.

About a week ago I ordered a few items through the website, the night before I was going down to London for my hols. Not wanting to go away without my new clothes, I selected the click and collect option on checkout and put in a postcode around where I was going to stay in the hope i could pick them up when I arrived. However, being in a rush and basically just a bit of a knob, I unknowingly selected a store in Cheshire (whhhhyyyyy).
Anyway, there i am in London at around 9pm the following evening, flicking back through my emails to double the address of the collecting store i thought i had thought was only around the corner... After realising my complete internet fail, i desperately scoured the internet for a way to adapt my delivery option, only to be told "we can't make any any changes once you've placed you order". *swigs on bottle and cries into pillow*. Just to add it is apparently because "We're really quick at packing up your order" (brilliant).
Tired and growing a strange attachment to my order, I search for an ASOS customer service number and, without any recollection of normal office hours, I dial. I press 1 as instructed and am put through to a ridiculously charming Irish man called Jamie (ridiculous because by now it was 10pm and he was still in work, not because he was Irish dear god). I proceed to babble about my flunder and beg for a an alternative to driving miles up north just to collect my package (THE NORTH IS FINE TOO IT'S JUST FAR I PROMISE!). He then, after taking my delivery number, explains that my order was still pending at the warehouse so cannot be adapted the moment, so I was to call again once I had received the conformation email the my package was voyaging off to the great northern land with the chance that it could be re-diverted (yay!).
On a high i settle into Netflix before getting tired and checking my emails on my way to bed, only to discover my despatchion (not a word) email had landed in my inbox an hour ago. Now midnight (seriously ASOS your customer service team do need sleep yannow), I call and explain my situ and early conversation with her client of another woman of who's name I forget (sorry!). She apologetically explains that it probably isn't really an option however I would receive a full refund. Normally, i would sigh and hang up with gratitude for their time, but it was late, I was tired and I was prepared to be phone sassy so begged (wow SO sassy) her to try and find an alternative. She briefly put me on hold before returning and (after a bit more begging) explaining there WAS a slim chance that she may be able to re-deliver the package to my payment address of which I was hugely grateful. So i hung up, slept and woke up to an email explaining my package was on its way to my home address. Well, most of it. Two items had gone out of stock... :(

So no, I didn't have my clothes for my city break but all in all, I was really impressed with the waiting times, the late customer service phone line and genuinely helpful people the other end of the phone. For those of you wondering, Im not sure if it's a 24/7 phone line, but I was completely ready both times to hear an irritating automated voice explaining that their offices were closed and they don't live in their cubicles you know! I would definitely rate the service 9/10. Not quite a 10 from Len just because I'm stingy like that, but seeing as the palaver was my own fault, they probably deserve full marks!


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