Monday, 27 July 2015

Evening skin care routine

Skin care is and should be an important part of everyones life, especially what you use before bed as if will work all the wonders (or not) as you sleep. For this reason I find that it's more acceptable to maybe invest more in slightly more expensive skin care IF it does the job.
Anyway, now I have an evening routine I am happy with, I thought I would share what I use on a daily basis. 
PS: I have very dry, sensitive and acne prone skin (yay)

1) Cleanse
Liz Earle - Cleanse and Polish

This cleanser has been raved about over and over and for good reason. It is perfect for removing all your makeup including you eye makeup, and leaves your skin feeling really soft and clean. You can purchase a 100ml bottle with a pump for £14 which, for an incredible cleanser, I think is great value. It does have quite a pungent herbal smell, as it's packed with natural and essential oils, however i don't find it at all unpleasant and definitely doesn't take anything away from the quality of the product.

2) Exfoliate
Pixi - Glow Tonic

This step helps sweep away all dead skin cells and excess impurities from the day, and can also be used in the morning for those with less sensitive skin, not that this is at all harsh.
A couple of squirts of this over your whole face makes you feel even fresher and cleaner and is an important step, not to be missed. As i do have slightly more sensitive skin, I steer away from harsh exfoliants with bits in which tend to leave my skin dry, red and raw. So if you suffer from the same issue, this gentle liquid exfoliant would be perfect.

3) Serum
Kiehl's - Midnight recovery concentrate

Now this is a bit on the pricey side, but is just an incredible treatment for those who suffer from acne and blemishes and you only need a couple of drops to make a huge difference. It goes to work straight away and you wake up with clearer, fresher skin (everything in my routine tends to make you feel fresh apparently). It dispenses as a soft, fragrant oil but absorbs beautifully so don't worry about going to bed covered to clogging oil!

4) Blemish treatment
La Roche Posay - Effaclar duo

This is an optional step but, again, if brilliant for spots and blemishes. Out of my collection, this is the product I have been using the longest and have repurchased many a time. I cannot live without it.
To be honest there isn't much else to say apart from you can also use this in the morning and isn't too drying or anything horrible like that that some blemish treatments can cause.

5) Moisturise
Clinique - Moisture Surge

This product is just a complete god send for those with dry and/ or sensitive skin. Again, not cheap, but I have genuinely scoured the market for a dupe with similar hydration yet IT DOES NOT EXIST! This is so soothing and hydrating due to its gel formula and sinks in immediately so even if you have oilier skin I think it would suit. Alternatively, in the evening I occasionally use a night cream however i still prefer this all day round!

6) Eye cream
Kiehl's - Creamy eye treatment with Avocado

Oh look more Kiehl's!
Again, not an essential step for those younger out with naturally hydrated eye bags (ugh), but my under eyes do tend to get a little dry. This is REALLY nice. It appears like a thick cream but, on applying, blends out like an oil and sinks in lovely. I also have quit dark under eyes and this doesn't really combat that, but my concealer sits a lot better on top of this as without it does gather on my dry patches.

So this is my current routine, but i'm always on the look out for to grow my skin care collection to ensure I am doing everything possible to care for my skin in the right way, so feel free to recommend other products for me to try in the comments.
I also have a morning routine (sort of), but its pretty embarrassingly lazy right now so I'm hoping to grow into a better one which I might share in the future.


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  1. I've heard amazing things about Glow Tonic: I wish it was available where I live!

    1. I know I just stumbled on the ONLY Pixi store in the world when I was in London xx The girls in there were so lovely but I do wish they would open are store a bit closer to me!